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Listening to Dolby Atmos / Apple Spacial mp4 on iOS Device (AirPods Max and AirPod Pros)

Saving the File to Your iCloud or iPhone Storage

iCloud is an Apple-provided cloud service that allows users to access media files across various iOS devices. You can play any mp4 file on your iPhone after uploading it to the iCloud Drive. To do this:

  1. First, log in to iCloud using your Apple credentials.

  2. Next, tap iCloud Drive on your page.

  3. Find the “Upload” button on the top bar and tap on it to upload your mp4 file to iCloud.

  4. The video file will automatically sync to your iPhone device once the uploading is done.

  5. Now, navigate to Files > iCloud Drive, and tap on the mp4 file to play it.


All other headphones must listen to the BIN file for Binaural. If you intend to listen to Binaural, please request a BIN file.

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