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Skiddco 7.1.4 atmos Studio Layout

•Console:             SSL 6048

•Computer:         Mac Studio M1 Max 64GB RAM Ventura

•Interface #1:     Focusrite RedLine16 (Dante)

•Interface #2.     Avid HD IO 8x8x8  (digilink from HD Native)

•Interface #3:     Avid MTRX Studio (digilink from HD Native)

•L C R speakers: PMC twotwo 8's

•Side and Rear:  PMC6's

•Height:               PMC ci45's (driven by LEA 354 4 channel amp)

•LFE:                     HSU Research ULS-15 MKii (x2)

Mac Mini 2020 M1 (Dante to/from MTRX Studio)

3x Speaker Switchers:  Douk Audio MC-103pro

•This studio layout is designed to be able to go between tracking, mixing stereo and mixing atmos all in one control room setup.  It is a single computer (running pro tools 2022.9 and the Dolby Renderer), and a mac mini running Logic Pro.

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