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Nashville TN
Dolby Atmos Certified Mix Room
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Mix Room Gear

•SSL 6048 E/G+

•Protools Ultimate HD

•Full Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 Setup

•PMC twotwo 8 (x3)

•PMC 6's (x4)

•PMC ci45 (x4)

•HSU Research ULS-15 mk2 (x2)

•Avid MTRX Studio

•Focusrite RedLine16

•Neve 1073 pair

•Neve  5015

•Pultec Mavec Mic Pre

•CAPI VP28 platinum pair

•Sontec MPA-1 pair

•AEA TRP2 mic pre pair

•Focusrite Red 3

•Focusrite Red 2 

•Inward Connections TSL-3

•Inward Connections Brute II

•Summit TLA100

•Valley People 440 (2)

•Bogner, Marshall

•Gibson, PRS, G&L, Parker, Fender

•Alverez Yairi, Martin, Taylor guitars

•Bell CM1-B custom vocal mic

•AEA R88

•AEA R84

•Earthworks SR30 (2)

•Earthworks PC30 HC

•Yamaha NS10M's



Skidd's custom mix room features an SSL 6048.  A Dolby Atmos certified control room with PMC monitors. Protools HD with Avid MTRX and Focusrite RedLine16 converters.  Neve, API, Sontec, AEA, CAPI and Pultec outboard pre's.  

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